Wood vs Steel Entry Doors

When it has come to the entry doors, then there are the variety of shapes according to needs (traditional, modern, minimalist, classic, etc.). There are two big name of material for the entry door. They are wood and steel.

wood vs steel doors

Wooden frames can be applied to any type of home design. Wood has advantages compared to other materials, namely natural appearance according to the type of wood.

Wood Can Be Durable

Many wood materials are strong according to their types such as teak, paper, or ironwood, through a good oven process. Wood is indeed flexible to change its shape according to the design, such as a straight or curved shape, and can withstand heat or cold from outside the room.

Houses will appear more natural with wooden ornaments/frames. The problems exist too when you choose wood entry doors.

Hard to Find Quality Wood

Now it is very difficult to get good quality wood. A bad quality of wood can be easily eaten by termites. You should periodically care with paint or coating to keep it durable and absorb water so that the volume of wood can change.

As a result, the door or window is difficult to open because one of the corners expands. The wood is used for easel, gorging, and battens on the roof can experience ‘twisting’ if the wood used is poor in quality. Wood is also more expensive than aluminum, in terms of the cost of making, installing and maintaining wood frames is more expensive due to limited age.

Steel Is Superior in Strength

While steel has long been known as a construction material that is strong and has high resistance. This metal is produced from a mixture of iron and carbon. Because of its strength, steel is commonly used to make a variety of heavy building construction, such as bridge piles, railroads, and building frames.

However, did you know that steel can also be used as a material in making house doors? Even when compared to ordinary wood doors, steel is considered to have more advantages.

Advantages of Steel Doors

Here are advantages of steel doors compared to wooden doors. The use of steel materials can be one solution for those of you who want termite-resistant furniture. Despite being in a damp room, steel doors will remain durable for decades and termite resistant.

To anticipate that the door is not porous, many people choose to use steel doors. With strong material, steel doors will not change shape, change color, brittle, or hollow due to changes in weather. Cleaning up dirt on wood furniture is indeed not easy. If not cleaned for a long time, dirt will usually stick permanently.

The only way you can try is to sand it. Of course, this method can make furniture materials thinner. Steel is a material that is easy to clean. When you have a dirty steel door, you only need to wipe it with warm water. If the stain hasn’t disappeared, you can add detergent and rub it with a soft brush.

To choose steel building materials or wood materials has no difference, each of these building materials certainly has advantages and disadvantage.