Double Pane vs Single Pane Windows

A minimalist home may have complete facilities from the start of a modern kitchen, a beautiful canopy as well as protection of heat and rain, a comfortable guest room until the exterior design is beautiful. But one side of the house that cannot be missed is the window. Except for aesthetic problems, the presence of windows is needed for the flow of air and adequate ventilation for the inside of the house.

single vs double pane windows

Most minimalist home windows have a standard shape, limited to the shape of a general rectangle or box, in the form of separate units, with a pattern of trellis patterns that are also repetitive. Beyond that, the color of the frame and trellis are also in rhythm and have some soft or dark colors.

Single Pane Is Common, But Not a Great Choice

However, about window design, we also have other alternative choices that are more modern and more contemporary. Whatever the model, glass windows look prettier because they are more flexible with any house model.

Many modern and contemporary homes have glass windows. Besides being able to give an open and wide impression, the glass window also adds aesthetics. There are two models to choose from, single and double pane window.

Single pane window is a window that has one layer of glass. Many doubt its strength, but to make it durable, you must be observant in choosing the type of glass. The single-pane window can be very durable depending on the treatment. If you want to have a stronger window, a double pane window is the right choice.

Double Pane Windows Are Far Superior

Double pane system or commonly called double glass is one of the glass usage systems that can be applied to aluminum frames, the use of double-pane window is intended to maximize the advantages offered by the frame profile, namely sound tightness and energy savings.

The use of double-pane window is applied by using 2 pieces of glass that are attached to the frame and then filled with argon gas, the space between the 2 sheets of glass can vary between 4mm to 20mm. Argon gas which is filled in the double glasses gap functions as Low-E which is useful for preventing hot air from entering the house, and preventing the cool air from coming out of your room, so you will be able to save energy because you do not need to turn on the AC too long to keep the air temperature cool.

The second function given by the double-pane system is to add soundness, in addition to sills and shutters or doors, glass is one of the determinants of soundproofing, with two sheets of glass mounted on a frame or window, and a door, the sound will be very difficult to enter the house, so you can rest comfortably.

Behind all the advantages offered by the double pane window, there are things you need to pay attention to, it is window size because the double-pane uses 2 pieces of glass, the load that is held by the frame, and the shutters.