How to Fix Your Garage Door

When talking about garage doors, maybe you will immediately be reminded of the rolling door commonly found on the shop door or else. There are many kinds of garage doors, but here we will talk about the folding doors that have been common for the garage.

how to fix garage door

We all know that folding doors are not easy to be maintained and they often make you work harder. Indeed, doors with this type are often used for shop houses, but actually, there are also quite a lot of houses that use this type of door for garage.

Certainly not for the front door, but for the garage. Many types of doors are chosen because they are considered quite practical and do not require a lot of land. Moreover, the number of folds can be adjusted to the condition of the land owned so that it can be more flexible. But unfortunately, doors like this are often easily jammed and are rather difficult to open or close.

Common Fixes for Garage Doors

Well, for those of you who often experience this problem, don’t panic or change doors with new ones. Because these problems can be overcome in the following ways:

  • For folding doors that use rails, jammed door problems can occur due to dirt on the rails. It’s good if you do a routine check on the door rail and clean it before a lot of dirt sticks and piles up. In addition to dirt problems, folding door rails can also experience congestion problems due to rust. To overcome this problem, you can use vinegar to clean the rust. Spray on the rusty part and leave it for a while. After that, you can use spraying clean water on this part and wiping it until it is completely dry.
  • Rust can also occur in the door hinges. If the rust in this section is severe enough to cause the door to be difficult to fold, you can do simple things. To overcome this, you can apply the method to the second point so that the rust disappears. But if the rust is very severe and difficult to clean, it’s a good idea to replace this hinge with a new one.
  • The difficulty of opening this door can also occur due to lubricants that are running out or are not good enough. Because when opened or closed, there will be friction that occurs between the components on the rail and on the hinges. It’s good if you re-grease this part with lubricants. But not too much because it will make the door look dirty.

Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

Sometimes, it is not because of the broken door, but it is because of the dirt that creates rust. Thus, to prevent this thing happen again in the future, you may need to clean your garage door regularly.

It could be like once a month to make sure that the door function runs well. You can also check the functionality by seeing the friction, check the lubricants too.

Always remember that replacing is expensive so maintaining well the garage door could be a good way to save budget for your house.